By Sue Valiquett

Illustrated by Kate Lazuka

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One day, while collecting rocks on the beach, a little girl named Nae-Nae discovers something amazing. It is a face on a rock gazing up at  her. The more Nae-Nae looks, the more faces on rocks she finds. Through a family legend, Nae-Nae learns she’s discovered the Rock People who are here to heal and protect the Earth. The Rock People is a story that weaves the intuitive nature of rock collecting, the emotional faces on rocks and the magic of legend to enlighten a child to Earth’s fragility and their power to help. There are moments in life that change us. For Nae-Nae that moment was discovering the Rock People. Like Nae-Nae, once your child discovers the Rock People they will be changed. And from that moment a rock will never be just a rock to them again.

About the Author and Illustrator

When you sign up for a spiritually guided life, synchronicity tends to lead you down paths least expected. For friends, Sue Valiquett and Kate Lazuka, that path was writing and illustrating The Rock People. They first wondered who the Rock People were after reading a Native American prayer acknowledging them as living creatures. Then, while walking along a rock-covered beach in Northern Michigan, they began to notice faces on rocks. Smitten by their human-like emotional expressions, their question was answered. They discovered the Rock People. However, the Rock People had more in mind for these two friends than their discovery. The Rock People have a mission to help Earth and, even though Sue and Kate would stumble and fall, the Rock People trusted them to help. So after following the guidance provided by synchronous events, this children’s book was created to assist the Rock People in their mission to help Earth.